The Bishop of Bangor

Quote taken from "The Llani Weaver"

CENTURIES UNITED On Sunday morning, 12th March, a memorable triple event took place at St Idloes: a first visit by the newly installed Bishop of Bangor; the Confirmation of twelve young candidates; and the dedication of the Millennium Window, gift of Mr and Mrs Gerald Hamer, in a blaze of spring sunshine. There have been previous descriptions of the construction of the window, but in his address Bishop Saunders brought out the full significance of its design: ?The dark sphere of primary chaos is released by a symbolic cross in the central window bars to burst forth in a whirling Christian diaspora of joyous creation, colour and light.1 When unaccompanied male voices then rose in celebration from the centre of the choir and the resonances of plainsong responded impressively from the ancient timbers above, the blending of the centuries was made complete.

Bill Bleasdale and Bishop Saunders