Here is a small selection of our many recommendations from satisfied clients. Some would be happy to allow their windows to be viewed by arrangement (phone me on 01686 411277).

The final result, mounted high in the south facing window of our meditation room where it scatters the sun's rays on the opposite wall, is both breathtaking and very soothing, creating just the right mood.
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John Senior

We were anticipating craftsmanship and inspiration of a very high order. We have not been disappointed.
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Philip and Gloria Pilkington

The dark sphere of primary chaos is released by a symbolic cross in the central window bars to burst forth in a whirling Christian diaspora of joyous creation, colour and light.
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The Bishop of Bangor

The final work fully meets the brief.
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Mrs. Susan Hamer

They light up every corner of the house.
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Mrs Trisha Flanagan

Battle Axe