About Bill Bleasdale
Proprieter and Artist, Great Oak Glass

Bill has been an artist all his life, always preoccupied in childhood with creative projects. Later this took him to West Surrey College of Art and design (Fine Art) followed by Manchester Polytechnic where he studied Textile Design. The passion he has for pattern and texture which took him there (and which can be seen in his designs today) was not enough however to sustain him through Chain Stitch classes. He decided his artistic talents would be better developed outside of any educational establishment to allow his creativity to flourish in many different forms.

Inspired by the landscape and culture of the Himalayas Bill spent much of his twenties travelling in India. There he painted, carved and made animated films about local characters, like Jim Corbett the conservationist (of the 1920s and 1930s) and famous hunter of man-eating leopards.

Had it not been for a curious turn of fate Bill may never have become a stained glass artist. Arriving back from India one year he was asked by a local Buddhist artist if she might exchange some of her stained glass making remnants for some Indian incense Bill had brought back with him. Apparently he had the specific type of incense which she needed to chant mantras by and that it was very hard to find in Britain. Being a true artist, open to turning his hand and eye to any medium, he accepted the offer. In this way began Bill Bleasdale’s artistry in stained glass.

Hare Today Stained Glass Window